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Spring 2022


Letter from the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (Spring 2022)

Welcome to the inaugural issue of ENERGIES Magazine! We are excited to bring you the latest publication from U.S. Energy Media, which joins OILMAN and OILWOMAN Magazines, and will focus on renewable energy across the spectrum and the people who power those industries. We are thrilled to feature Abigail Ross...

ENERGIES Cartoon (Spring 2022)

ENERGIES Cartoon (Spring 2022)

The Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state. Photo courtesy of fractaltim – www.123RF.com.

The Power Flow

With the energy transition away from fossil fuels and coal a top priority among many policymakers and voters, hydropower stands to play a much larger role in how we power this world in the coming years. Not only is it clean – CO2 is emission free – and renewable, but...

Photo courtesy of Aquaterra Energy.

Finding a More Sustainable Model for Supporting Growth in Offshore Wind

Offshore wind power will play a critical role in cleaning up the global grid, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimating half the world’s energy needs will need to be met with zero-emissions electricity by 2040. Offshore wind is rapidly being ramped up in response, with the Global Wind Energy...

Advanced Freight Dynamics owner Steven Lyons and operations manager Alana Lyons standing by the Faymonville Highway Max 3. Photos courtesy of Tara Flannery Photography, LLC – www.taraflannery.com.

The Energy Road Show

Advanced Freight Dynamics has built its reputation on excellence in shipping and logistics from the smallest shipments to the most complex projects, with a constant focus on serving its customers’ cargo transportation needs. The company is capable of managing every aspect of any transportation project, regardless of origin, destination or...

Photos courtesy of Marc Morrison – www.marcmorrison.com

Winds of Change

Photos courtesy of Marc Morrison – www.marcmorrison.com

Photo courtesy of Almonty Industries.

Why New Production Sources of Tungsten Are Critical for Increased Global Supply

There has been an explosive need for EV batteries in the last year. All car manufacturers seem to be following in the same footsteps as Tesla. In fact, Jaguar plans to become an “all-electric luxury brand” by 2025 as mentioned on ABCNews. This shift is also taking place in other...

Theresa Eaton and WECS Renewables team members debuting the Smart Pitch Motor at the American Clean Power (March 2022). Photos courtesy of WECS.

Theresa Eaton, CEO of WECS Renewables, Leading a Cleaner and Diverse Energy Future

“The doors of the energy future are open,” emphasizes Theresa Eaton, the new chief executive officer (CEO) of WECS Renewables, a midsize utility-scale distributor for renewable energy parts. The company itself has opened doors to increase diverse participation within the organization. From specialized, technical salespeople focused on solar and wind...

Solar panel grid tower. Photo courtesy of Jim Sullivan.

Pairing Historic Architecture with Modern Alternate Energy Source Produces Energy Independence

While preservation of historic structures has proven both critical and challenging, innovation has long been found to improve areas one might not expect. Finding a link between the two is quite rare. Nothing could validate such a thought process as 127 Energy outfitting the Castello di Amorosa winery with a...

Jessica O. Matthews (far right) gives a tour of Uncharted Power’s testing and demonstration facility in upstate New York. Photos courtesy of Uncharted Power.

Uncharted Power: Last Mile Infrastructure

“I always wanted to be the love-child of Beyoncé and Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Jessica O. Matthews says with a laugh. “That’s the perfect embodiment of hard work, looking good, but also the science – the belief and interest. Bill Nye the Science Guy made magic real, and the...

SEIA CEO Abigail Ross Hopper: Illuminating the Solar Energy Industry

SEIA CEO Abigail Ross Hopper: Illuminating the Solar Energy Industry

Abigail (Abby) Ross Hopper’s career has spanned the energy spectrum from wind to fossil fuels and now to solar, as president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) since January 2017. She talks to ENERGIES Magazine about the current state of the solar industry as it emerges from...

Elba Horta with Sampo Tukiainen, CEO of Carbofex, one of the biochar carbon removal suppliers for Puro.earth, at its facility. The woodchips behind them will be converted to biochar, stabilizing and locking up the carbon for hundreds of years. Photos courtesy of Puro.earth.

Advancing the Science of Carbon Removal

Puro.earth is a Finnish startup company launched by two women and their male co-founder that aims to provide the world’s first marketplace for the nascent business of selling something they call “carbon removal.” Finland, a country that does not have a domestic fossil fuels industry, seems an unlikely place to...

Photos courtesy of Marc Morrison – www.marcmorrison.com

Renewables Are Not Exactly New

Renewable energy is having its moment in the sun – so to speak – almost as if it’s a new concept, but the resources that provide us with renewable energy have been around and at our disposal for centuries. We are only just recently, in the last few decades, diligently...

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