Sproule Acquires Dutch Geothermal Advisory Firm Veegeo

Sproule Acquires Dutch Geothermal Advisory Firm Veegeo

CALGARY, Canada — Sproule, a leading global energy advisory firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Veegeo. Veegeo is a Rotterdam-based geothermal advisory firm providing operational management and consulting services to geothermal companies, investors, and governmental agencies.

Veegeo has been involved in the majority of geothermal projects in the Netherlands since its founding in 2012 and has an established reputation for providing wells production management, project realization support, and consulting services in the burgeoning Dutch geothermal market.

“This acquisition will strengthen Sproule’s ability to help our clients navigate geothermal opportunities globally. We anticipate that geothermal energy will be a key component in the energy mix of many markets as they strive towards net zero and we are pleased to add this expertise to our team, knowing that Veegeo and Sproule’s combined knowledge will make a powerful combination to best support our clients,” says Jim Chisholm, President and CEO, Sproule.

The acquisition combines Veegeo’s significant geothermal expertise with Sproule’s broader Energy Advisory business. “Joining forces with Sproule will allow us to leverage a larger global platform and network to better serve our current clients and diversify our project portfolio, both through operational excellence and strategic advisory services in the geothermal market,” says Floris Veeger, Founder and Managing Director, Veegeo.

“Veegeo adds to our growing expertise across the energy value chain. This is critical in helping our clients understand value and risk in increasingly complex energy markets,” says Christoffer Mylde, SVP Corporate Development, Sproule.

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