Anand Mopkar

Nationally Acclaimed Anand Mopkar Recruited by California Bioenergy to Head Up Their New RD&D Department and Lead the Company’s Expansion and Transition to New Markets

Anand Mopkar, an exceptional engineering leader in the renewable natural gas (RNG) field recently joined California Bioenergy (CalBio), the leading developer of dairy digesters for generating renewable electricity and vehicle fuel in California, in a newly created role as Director of RD&D (Research, Development & Deployment).

Mopkar brings more than eight years of unprecedented accomplishments and extensive experience in waste-to-energy projects and technology deployment. At Brightmark for the past three and a half years, he successfully launched 15 major projects in waste pre-processing technologies, digester technologies, gas upgrade technologies, and digestate treatment/nutrient management technologies.

His noteworthy innovations include developing and implementing a model for composting that reduces composting time and the negative impact of composting on the environment. He accomplished this by optimizing the use of resources such as water and energy and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, translating to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental impacts. His model also reduces dependence on chemical fertilizers, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly composting process.

Mopkar was sought out by CalBio to develop and implement innovative waste-to-energy solutions that will enable them to make significant strides in reducing organic waste disposal, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and advancing sustainable practices in line with California’s environmental objectives

“We recruited Mr. Mopkar because of his notable abilities, outstanding achievements, and national reputation as an expert at the top of his field,” said N. Ross Buckenham, CEO of California Bioenergy LLC. “With him heading our RD&D, we are confident that CalBio’s transition into new markets will be highly successful.

Anand’s unwavering commitment to driving transformative projects will position our organization as a frontrunner in the industry and also contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable practices. In addition to growing and managing an entirely new department, he will lead the design and development of processes and systems for RNG production and waste-to-energy, and implement the strategies to bring it to market.”

Mopkar earned his Bachelor of Technology from VIT University in Vellore, India, and completed his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

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