Mitsubishi Corporation and Magellan X Have Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) After the Completion of a Successful Trial

Magellan X Brings Invaluable Knowledge and Deep Insights on Worker Safety

– The International Labour Organisation estimates that over 2.3 million workers in the world
die each year from work–related accidents and diseases.
– How we address and reduces incidents through IIoT and AI with our SOL-X Worker Safety
Solution and Intrinsically Safe SmartWatch

Singapore – Magellan X will join as a Gold Sponsor at The Connected Worker Summit 2023, Norris Conference Centre in Houston, Texas from 28 to 30 March. Captain Daniel Alcantara, our Chief Solution Delivery Officer will represent Magellan X to meet and network with the renowned experts and leaders.

The Connected Worker Summit is a three-day event that aims to promote innovative solutions to increase productivity and understand how they can better connect workers to the information and resources they need to do their work more effectively.

Magellan X is all set to participate in the event to share insights on worker safety which is crucial to enhance the connected workforce and drive operational efficiency in energy companies and organizations.

Highlights of the event:

Main conference on day 1 (Magnolia Room)
Keynote Presentation by Captain Daniel Alcantara for 20 minutes on, “Leveraging IIoT Enabled Connected Worker Platforms for Workforce Safety” at 3.30 to 4 p.m. followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. He will emphasize enhancing safety with Digital safety management systems and wearables that are compatible with major connectivity protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Long-Range Bluetooth, etc. to provide a connected worker platform for the oil and gas industry.

Exhibition (Red Oak Ballroom)
Magellan X’s SOL-X will be exhibited at booth number 30 of the Red Oak Ballroom. Our experts in safety, Daniel Alcantara, Chief Solution Delivery Officer, and Alister Leong, Chief Product Officer will also be showcasing and demonstrating how the product works.

About Magellan X
Magellan X specializes in developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) technologies for the oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and maritime sectors. We are backed by MISC and BCG Digital Ventures. Magellan X’s technology solutions address ESG needs of our clients and better position them to achieve their sustainability goals through IIoT solutions that accurately capture real-time data streams and produce analysis using artificial intelligence.

Our suite of specific solutions includes:
• ecoMax – Decarbonisation
• SOL-X – Worker Safety
• Propeller – Inventory Optimisation

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