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Summer 2024

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The Impact Of Green Hydrogen On Grid Stability

Green hydrogen is one of the most eco-friendly forms of renewable energy creation. However, it still has a way to go before it becomes even close to market standard. Arguing its benefits for electric grid stability during modernization could be focal in transforming green hydrogen into a well-known and discussed...

ENERGIES Cartoon (Summer 2024)

ENERGIES Cartoon (Summer 2024)

Photos courtesy of Enchanted Rock.

Weathering the Storm: Leveraging Data-Driven Resiliency Solutions to Protect Critical Infrastructure

As climate change intensifies, the vulnerability of our electrical grid to extreme weather events is becoming increasingly evident. From shifting tornado patterns to more frequent winter storms in unexpected regions, the impact on electrical reliability is undeniable. But the solution to these challenges goes beyond a simple investment in backup...

Santash Nanda at work in the company’s newest office in Frisco, TX. Photo courtesy of PakEnergy.

PakEnergy CEO Santosh Nanda Stakes Ground in the Energy Transition Land Rush

As the world progresses, software solutions have infiltrated all sectors and industries. The energy industry is no different, with its growing dependency on software to retrieve data, manipulate, integrate, process, and visualize it for a specific outcome. The oil and gas industry alone has become highly intuitive with its use...


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (Summer 2024)

Occidental Petroleum Corp. CEO Vicki Hollub shook up the oil and gas industry in August of 2019 with the $55 billion decision to acquire Anadarko Petroleum Corp., which included the assumption of Anadarko’s debt. At the time, the bold move was met with skepticism and, in some corners, outright derision. In...

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RE+ 24

After the success of RE+ 23 last year boasting over 40,000 attendees and 1,300+ exhibitors, RE+ 24 is set to make history as it celebrates its 20th year at the Anaheim Convention Center & Campus in Anaheim, California. From September 9th through 12th, commemorate two decades of power, innovation, technology,...

Surviving the Surge: Strategies for Managing Electricity in the Face of Grid Instability

Surviving the Surge: Strategies for Managing Electricity in the Face of Grid Instability

 Historically, business leaders have not had to prioritize electricity when auditing or improving their supply chain management. Often buried under umbrella categories such as utilities, maintenance, cost control and green initiatives, electricity has long been an assumed commodity. But, as the North American electrical grid faces rapidly increasing challenges, and...

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Uganda’s Renewable Energy Ambitions

In an attempt to convey its beauty, abundant wildlife, and natural wealth of the land, Winston Churchill, an early explorer of Uganda, called it the ‚ÄúPearl of Africa‚ÄĚ in his 1908 book, My African Journey. ‚ÄúThe land of rolling hills, fertile valleys and meandering rivers,‚ÄĚ is how Ugandan author Jennifer...

Making Wind Energy Even More Sustainable

Making Wind Energy Even More Sustainable

With Voodin Blade Technology’s laminated veneer lumber blades, wind turbines can produce up to 78 percent fewer CO2 emissions, and production costs can decrease by up to 20 percent compared to current solutions. This solves the last hurdle of making wind energy truly sustainable. German wooden wind turbine blade manufacturer...

Jeroen van Heiningen presents at Captain’s Table 2023. Photo courtesy of 123Carbon.

The Spark That Will Ignite The Acceleration Of Low-Carbon Fuel Adoption

The transportation market is facing an increasingly tightening web of regulatory frameworks that seek to dramatically curtail carbon emissions across all modalities. The transportation of goods by sea, road, and air currently emits over two gigatonnes of carbon a year, which is expected to quadruple by 2050. The constantly evolving...

One of the first completed turbines of the Vineyard Wind project, an 800 megawatt wind farm near Martha’s Vineyard. Photos courtesy of Vineyard Wind.

Flipping the Switch: Vineyard Wind 1 Phase 1

As federal approvals continue to open opportunities for commercial offshore wind projects, the earliest approved projects are now coming online. In early 2024, Vineyard Wind 1, located just 14 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, began sending electricity to the grid. The site is generating 68 megawatts (MW), which...

Lowering Carbon Emissions, Saving Money, Improving Lives and Nature

Lowering Carbon Emissions, Saving Money, Improving Lives and Nature

Public and private enterprises are increasingly designing an energy transition strategy for their business given economic opportunities, legal and regulatory requirements, environmental, health and safety benefits, new technologies, and increasing stakeholder demand. Stakeholders, including all constituents impacted by a company‚Äôs business ‚Äď shareholders, clients, management, employees and communities in which...