A Super Week for Sustainable Solutions

A Super Week for Sustainable Solutions

It’s going to be Super Week for energy enthusiasts and carbon management professionals the first week of February in 2024. Hundreds of professionals are planning on heading to the city of Las Vegas during Super Bowl LVIII week in order to come together and discuss critical issues, unique challenges, and regulatory roadblocks in energy production and carbon management.

The Carbon Conference has partnered with Energy Exposition & Resources Symposium 2024, allowing attendees the opportunity to attend two top-notch conferences, taking place among the activity in Las Vegas, this year’s host city of Super Bowl LVIII.

The Conference Center at the Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas is the perfect venue to encourage productive discussions and diverse dialogue, both pro and con. Everyone’s voice will be heard in order to find a positive path forward for all parties concerned.

The Carbon Conference has partnered with the Energy Exposition & Resources Symposium for multiple reasons. Its 25 years of successful Energy Exposition conferences is extremely valuable experience in the Carbon Conference’s first year; however, what may be more important is why it started.

Over 25 years ago, Wyoming was in the middle of an energy dispute similar to the carbon pipeline and storage issues. The Energy Exposition was started in order to broker peace and bring all voices to the table in a conference format. The situation currently facing the world of carbon is reminiscent of that two and a half decades ago.

“We went through a similar issue in Wyoming,” Kit Jennings, conference organizer says. “Twenty-five years ago, we had landowners and energy companies fighting all over the state until we put them all in a room together and worked it out.”

The Energy Exposition has gone through several brand changes over the years, expanding their exhibitors and attendees.

James Powell of Carbon Summit Solutions will help kick off the Carbon Conference 2024 Las Vegas with a Carbon Conference Welcoming Address to all the landowners, executives and carbon management professionals attending.

Powell has extensive global project execution and operating experience across a diverse array of energy related businesses. He leverages his broad project management capabilities to deliver on Summit Carbon Solutions’ mission to capture, transport and permanently store more than 10 million tons of CO2 per annum.

Summit Carbon Solution is currently in the process of building a $4.5 billion, 2,100 mile CO2 pipeline, named the Midwest Carbon Express, that would take CO2 from emission sources at ethanol plants in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota to store in geological carbon storage reservoirs in North Dakota.

Jared Walker, Marquis Carbon Capture, is another featured speaker at the conference. Walker is a CCUS expert with experience in commercial CCUS strategy, project development, and business operations, and will be a presenter at the Carbon Conference 2024 Las Vegas and the Energy Exposition & Resources Symposium.

Walker’s CCUS experience dives into deep water, oil and gas certified business, and project manager. He is PMP-certified with over 20 years of experience in the upstream oil and CCUS industries.

“We believe this partnership with the Energy Exposition & Resources Symposium will ensure fair deals will get done and peace will be brokered at the Carbon Conference 2024 Las Vegas,” Jennings says. “By working together, energy producers, carbon companies, regulators, landowners and private citizens can develop plans that will provide innovative solutions to complex problems.”

There should be more than enough business opportunities to keep a person busy for the entire year while being part of the National Football League (NFL)’s Super Bowl LVIII Celebration & Activities happening in the beautiful, warm city of Las Vegas.

For more information, visit the Energy Exposition & Resources Symposium 2024.

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